EC axial fan - AxiCool

Motor: M3G074-DF

Technical description
Weight 10.2 kg
Motor size 74
Size 450 mm
Rotor surface Galvanized
Blade material Press-fitted sheet steel blank, sprayed with PP plastic
Fan housing material PP plastic
Number of blades 5
Airflow direction V
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise, viewed toward rotor
Degree of protection IP54
Insulation class "B"
Moisture (F) / Environmental (H) protection class H1
Max. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) + 70 °C
Min. permitted ambient temp. for motor (transport/storage) - 40 °C
Installation position Any
Condensation drainage holes None, open rotor
Cooling hole/opening On rotor side
Mode S1
Motor bearing Ball bearing with low-temperature lubricant
Technical features - Speed setting input (230 V) - Motor current limitation - Soft start - Thermal overload protection for electronics/motor - Line undervoltage detection
Speed levels 2
Touch current according to IEC 60990 (measuring circuit Fig. 4, TN system) <= 3,5 mA
Motor protection Electronic motor protection
with cable Variable
Protection class I (with customer connection of protective earth)
Conformity with standards EN 60335-1 / CE
Approval CCC