VDC-3-49.15-K4 B00

DC motor

Technical description
24 V
Nominal speed 4000 min-1
235 mNm
5 A
100 W
-30 °C
Maximum ambient temperature (operation) +40 °C
General description Drive with completely integrated 4Q operation and K4 control electronics Speed, position or torque mode Selection of operating mode and parameter setting via RS485 Extensive interface with many inputs and outputs Output stage enabled via digital input Integrated brake chopper Speed set values from n = 0 with holding torque up to 4,500 rpm Excellent control action thanks to field-oriented closed-loop control with sinusoidal commutation High efficiency and high power density with compact design Rugged mechanical design with aluminum cover and sealed plug system User-friendly parameter setting with "Kickstart" PC software
Weight 0.59 kg
Dimensions 63 x 52 mm
Part no. 937 4915 400
Degree of protection IP54